In this age of ours, man, lost in a frantic quest for material objects and opportunities, turns oblivious to the fact that the true key to power is found inside his own self.

The role played by the expression “Personal Magnetism” in ordinary parlance is to designate that kind of powerful fascination which some individuals exercise over fellow human beings. Without seemingly doing anything special, in fact, this class of individuals arouse sympathy, interest and consideration. Their presence is welcomed, and one almost feels impelled to win over their friendship and earn their good esteem.

Personal influence is an inherent property of man’s indigenous nature. The eye represents one of the essential elements of such connatural human property. If, upon surveying the history of past epochs, we were to search for the reasons behind the success achieved by famous men from every age or nation, we would quickly reach the realization that this success always resulted from their ability to magnetically "fascinate" their addressees.


The mere action of looking at someone, without anything further, is charged with meaning. It surely conveys a meaning of interest in such person. In truth, we look more often at the people who interest us or who are to our liking than at the others. Provided the eye is appositely trained, its power will be amplified.

Although each person has in himself the peculiar psychological and mental elements which enable him to impact on his fellow human beings, not every one makes use of such elements to the same degree.

We use the term "persuasive fascination" to denote the practical application of fascination within the context of daily communication.  The most glaring and typical manifestation of “personal power" consists in   the art of persuading. The person who holds the keys to that art is readily believed in respect of whatever he says, and evinces a form of hegemony over his fellow human beings.

In this course we will deal with how to use gaze and non verbal communication to enhance your effectiveness and Charisma.

We will also work with the “hypno-selling” system, a method based on words and other elements as NLP-3 aimed at giving you more capacity of persuading other people.

It is an established fact that a straight look additionally improves the interlocitor's faculty of retention. You might refer in this regard to inter alia “Gaze direction and person memory - Memory, 2004, 12 (5), 637-634”, by Mason and Hood.  Research shows how a straight way of looking betters one’s faculty of memory.

You will learn:

  • The spirit of selling
  • Working for helping the client solving a problem
  • How to use effectively your non verbal communication
  • Enneagram and NLP-3 for selling
  • Basic of hypno-selling
  • Non verbal commands
  • Magnetism and relationships
  • Conversational hypnosis
  • Negotiation techniques

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