Traditionally hypnosis is often thought to much without reference with the magnetic paradigm.

In this course we will learn hypnosis in a way adapt to practice also magnetic techniques.

It is a kind of hypnosis where we stimulate the requirements of the base of the individual, quickly bringing the subject to considerable depth of trance.

A course for a quantum leap in personal and professional practice of the subjects taught thanks to the unique techniques of our school.

A course in which you associate some hypnotic techniques and quantum concepts of life coach and business coach.

This is a complementary course to the magnetic path.

This course gives you the certification of  Hypnotic Coaching and Advanced Hypnotherapist and Mesmerist. Very useful to start a practice

You will learn:

  • States of consciousness and trance
  • Anesthesia
  • Profound analgesia
  • Coaching Professional
  • Hypnosis regressive
  • Examples of inductions
  • Regressions dissociated
  • Quantum methodologies
  • LuxMind method for setting objectives
  • Hypnotherapy essential

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