Quantum thinking is the most modern way to see the mind.

High Quality for Excellence. Over the years many people have followed our powerful formations remaining enthusiastic. We use the most modern dynamics of NLP and NLP-3, Hypnotic Communication, and the many techniques taught exclusively by our institute including quantum.

The course includes in fact in addition to the techniques of NLP and NLP-3, the updated methods Quantum Extreme ®, a revolutionary technology immediate that includes and goes beyond the previous ones, as it starts from a quantum approach, and develops "neural coherence" to increase the speed and brain power and mental energy with its own techniques. This allows faster learning and greater results. In each course theory and practice, intermittent to be able to offer an experiential education engaging and exciting.

This first level of Training of Professional Practitioner of NLP-NLP-3-CNV consists of 2 modules of training: the Professional Practitioner of NLP-NLP-3 and the SEMINAR COACHING, for an excellent preparation.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a technique very diffused today for change and improvement of communication skills and NLP3 is a further development of NLP toward quantum thinking, called NLP 3.

NLP3 is based on many experiments and also on integration of not verbal technology. Each technique explained has been practiced and tested hundreds of times with success. It is a very efficient way of thinking and operating going beyond the paths of mainstream NLP.

While for example in NLP we have the word “linguistic”, in NLP3 we put much more emphasis on non verbal behaviour as this is a fundamental key for the efficacy of our discipline. While in traditional NLP we have the word “programming”, NLP3 has the goal to pave the way to the “quantum thinking” that it is completely different from programming. In Quantum thinking the mind is free.

  • If you are an NLPer, this is your occasion of learning something new that will further enhance your efficacy.
  • If you are new, you will start with the right foot.

Most of the most successful teachers and practitioners use, at least unconsciously, many elements of this course.

Personally we find this methodology simpler in application than the old ones.

In our centres we train psychotherapists and hypnotherapists, and we practice as well personal therapies, coaching etc…

This is as a new discipline based on recent researches and on the successes we have got. Please, throw away all your past mental conditioning and open your mind to new frames of thinking: what you find here is the result of our experience!

We explain it with a theoretical framework around the lines of Enneagram, NLP and other techniques as we have found these frameworks highly effective both for us as for our students.

Welcome to the new world!

This course can be thought as composed of two parts: first part about the non verbal communication, Enneagram and NLP-3 framework (first day and half) and second part as relating more to techniques and hypnotic application.  The two parts can be followed independently

This course will give you an international certificate of NLP-3.

You will learn:

  • Non verbal Persuasion
  • Small known keys of Non verbal communication
  • The three main symbols
  • The path of persuasion
  • Enneagram and NLP3
  • Ideas for working
  • Professional Uses
  • Time Line and the Enneagram
  • Transforming realities
  • Light and NLP-3
  • Creativity and NLP-3
  • Magnetic anchors
  • Hypnotic keys
  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Using NLP-3 to learn faster
  • Hypnotic addenda

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