How much ownership do we have of our thoughts?

Many people are prisoners of their own brain. It’s as if they were chained to the back seat of the bus with someone else at the wheel.  But who is this someone else? They are our unconscious reactions and plans. We are the ones who should be driving our “Personal Bus”.  If we don’t give some directions, we will face the risk that we will either travel randomly on our own behalf, or other people will find the way to direct it in our place. NLP and the other methods that we present to you are a unique opportunity to learn how to use the brain in a more functional way. Neuro-linguistic programming is nothing more than an educational process, therefore, the other methods can open up the way to contact with that which we realize to be a “natural state”.

Another interesting metaphor is the following:

Let us imagine now that our brain is a machine that is missing an off switch. If we do not give it something to do, it will continue to churn around and at the end, it gets bored! How many of you are obsessed with particular thoughts or situations that you would like to resolve? Saying to yourselves, “I would like to be able to push them out of my head”.  Think about the extraordinary ability that you have to able to put them there in the first place!  Our point of view is that our brains are phenomenal. A brain is capable of doing amazing things and the problem is that it is often not what it cannot learn but the fact that it learns too well and too quickly.

For example, the risk of a single traumatic event is conditioning us for years; in other words, a single experience can leave an indelible trace.

In reality, nevertheless, you can go further than simply freeing yourself of these automatic conditionings. Thus, our abilities can be taught to move towards a state which brings us satisfaction.

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