What is NLP?

NLP is the first subject that we will face in this journey through human potentiality.

We can start by giving a technical explanation of neuro-linguistic programming. Above all, it is wise to say that NLP originated from the need to organize our thoughts, to discover and improve strategies that we use for work, to understand, to love, and most importantly, to live. If we become aware of our behavioral patterns and our unconscious plans, we will be in the position to modify them as we wish.  NLP supplies methods that show you the “how to” of transformation.

“The problem isn’t the problem, but the way in which we relate to it!”

Talking about NLP is like talking about creativity, learning a new way of facing life in all of its facets, becoming protagonists and creators. The term may give the impression of something cold and technical, however, everything that is behind these 3 simple initials give a significance and body to our existence. This can become one triumph after another of achievements, successes, authentic emotions and above all, it gives us the opportunity to live without the necessity of identifying ourselves with that which is outside of us and to which we don’t belong.

What we are proposing is a journey guided by our inner selves,  taking effective and maximum advantage of the potential that we possess,  living with joy, creativity, experience and knowledge.

NLP has been active in Italy since the beginning of the 80s; it has developed models and interventions used in companies, schools, training centers, and is also used by therapists.

In the last few years, it has experienced a growth in new models and paradigms, which brings us to the subject of NLP 3, signifying a consistent approach and evolving itself further than its predecessors in the research for new horizons.

Our institute is internationally recognized as being among those that facilitate such a venture.

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